what is online referral marketing

what is online referral marketing and where to make money online for free

what is online referral marketing

where to make money online for free

Referral marketing involves referring someone to their friends and family about a product or service

they like

Probably the most common type of referral marketing is when a business's existing customers are spreading the word about a favorite product or service.

Oral marketing is Part of referral marketing

The main difference between referral marketing and word of mouth

Referral marketing is more “intentional”


Companies involved in referral marketing encourage their customers to tell their friends about the company. Word of mouth marketing can be more spontaneous, and is often initiated by happy customers, rather than any deliberate attempt by the brand

Brands that engage in referral marketing usually provide some form of incentive for people to provide referrals

As a big company like paypal

She was even willing to pay cash for referrals

Key Steps to Launching a Successful Referral Program

 Offer incentives

 Advertise your referral program with your clients

Make your product experiences easily shareable

Make sure all your stakeholders know your referral program

Provide impeccable customer service